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I'd love to help you tell your stories


I love the idea behind Amplify HER, and would relish the opportunity to be part of such a positive project! As a member of the all-female Paper Innards Collective, I've had a lot of experience working with other artists and writers in a collaborative setting. As an illustrator, I like to explore different styles depending on the project at hand, so I am interested in the chance to create a work in tandem with artists from other disciplines. As a writer, I care about facts, but also about creating stories that are fun, interesting, and meaningful. Finally, as a classical singer and musician, I hope that my background in music would give me some insight into the perspective of the music producer. 


As you can see in my comics section, my project Harassment Friends is a comic that I started in order to spread an important message about street harassment. I didn't always identify as a feminist, but as a cultural producer, I beleive that a great deal of positive change can and will come out of the arts and entertainment industry. Furthermore, it's important that female creators have a chance to be heard and to create their work in a safe environment.


Looking forward to hearing from you,

Krista Gibbard

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