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A graphic novel of epic and unique proportions, Annwyn is a Celtic and Welsh inspired fantasy about love, death, and redemption. It is a pet project that I began in University and never had the chance to finish, but hope to return to one day.



Legend has it that in times of great strife, the rulers of Annwyn took pity on the living and returned one child from the realm of the dead.  Those few who were spared always woke on the third day, and uttered the same six words: 

"I know the way to Annwyn." 


True to their claim, each child had the innate ability to locate the ever-shifting gate to Annwyn, and return with one other spirit from its halls. When young Antrum is the first child to be reborn in nearly two centuries, he is persuaded by the Royal council to revive a fabled war hero of old. Finding himself in the midst of a dangerous power struggle, Antrum soon learns that all magic comes with a price. 

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