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Sovereign Sky is an adventure RPG set in the colonized skies of another world. Part steampunk, part sci-fi, this story-driven point and click drops you into the boots of a young airship commander thrust into the captain’s chair during a pivotal moment in her people‘s history. 


High above the toxic, electro-magnetic haze that covers the surface of Aros, airship armadas battle for dominion over the colonies of the sky. You must earn the trust and loyalty of the Eidaron’s crew in order to stop the Stratocratic Republic from annexing Crown City.

This art is from the prototype created in late 2017. I created every level in photoshop, and animation cycles for all of the major characters. The levels were designed with the help of Karl Reifenstein, the story was created by Jake Jones, and the prototype was programmed by Ali Oguz. 

Working in a pixel style was both challenging and rewarding. It is possible for a single artist to accomplish quite a lot alone, and the look is charmingly nostalgic. We hope to create the full game in the future and possibly take funding to Kickstarter. 

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