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As the production designer and costumer of The Forest's Edge, I had the opportunity to both design and create the look of this dark fantasy short. Alongside director Jake Jones and leatherworker Karl Reifenstein, I developed a refined, yet organic aesthetic for the elves, and sewed each piece on my 50s Singer sewing machine. I created the look for the human characters by thrifting, altering, and creating new garments from scratch. I was also involved in location scouting, storyboarding, and creating the set dec for our opening interior scene.

Harafil, captain of the ranger patrol, wears an intimidating stag skull beneath his hood. I created the mask above by sculpting the form with monster clay, making a silicone mold, then slush-casting with resin. I painted the outside with acrylic paint and added resin antlers that I sourced online. 

I collaborated with the Australian leather-worker Karl Reifenstein to create these three pauldrons. They were designed as variations of one unifying pattern, meant to give the appearance of a uniform while revealing aspects of each elf’s personality.

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