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Deep in the Black Forest, the sleepy village of Bergheim is under siege. Werewolves descend upon the townsfolk each night, and during the day a furious mob seeks to bring them to heel. Who will survive the slaughter? 

Inspired by Andrew Plotkin's reinvention of Dimitry Davidoff's 1987 party game, Mafia, this deck of 54 cards offers a host of colorful characters illustrated in a European folk art style. Werewolf is a wickedly fun party game full of deception and secrets. And impromptu executions.

A narrator leads the game, and a group of at least 7 players are each given a secret identity in the form of a character card. The game alternates between night, when the Werewolves attack, and day, when the village mob forms and tries to discern who is friend or foe. The better you know the people you're playing with, the more interesting it gets.

Inspired by my childhood love of the Grimm brothers and other German fairytales, I set the deck in a fantastical 18th century Germany, and based the illustration style off of European folk art. Every aspect is lovingly crafted, because while I am first and foremost an illustrator, I also adore playing this game. 

The Kickstarter launched in March of 2018, and successfully raised just shy of $10,000 CA with 297 backers. If you missed out on decks, you can still order for a limited time here, and I will be ordering some extras to keep in my online shop.

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